“The highways crisscross through the towns and become man-made geological networks of concrete. In fact, the entire landscape has a mineral presence. From the shiny chrome diners to glass windows of shopping centers, a sense of the crystalline prevails.”

– Robert Smithson, The Crystal Land, 1996

Official press release for A PERFORATED CENTER

MAY 1 – 8

A Perforated Center is an exhibition of four works that respond to the militarization and privatization of public areas through the insertion of poetic interventions. These interventions challenge the dynamics of how we experience in-between areas, and the inherent connections amidst those that inhabit these locations. Kara J. Schmidt is an interdisciplinary artist interested in how different mediums can be used in a linear quality that references how the body interacts with and is informed by architecture. Her work often unfolds through the limitations of site‐specificity, taking the form of parasitical installations, performance, and video projection. Referring to these sites as “nomadic entry points”, she uses constructed surfaces within situations denoted as transitory to instigate dialogue and disruption within the itinerancy of the everyday.

MFA Group Opening Reception: May 1
DIAP Studio
Shepard Hall, Room 408 (4th Fl.)
259 Convent Ave, NYC


Interactive solo performance with video projection, 5th Avenue from 142nd Street to Washington Square Park (follow invisible_line_ on Twitter for location updates)


Collaborative performance with Lionel Cruet, Sasha Cohen, David Diaz, Tenrai Forsyth, Sarah Mayo, Laura Schneider, and Schmidt around perimeter of City College, beginning at 140th Street and Amsterdam Avenue

CANOPY, May 1–8

Installation with cotton cord, wood, and microfilament within NE stairwell of Shepard Hall, 259 Convent Ave


Video installation with rocks and stones, DIAP Studio, Shepard 408, 259 Convent Ave (by appointment: please contact)


A Perforated Center is a project by Kara J. Schmidt in fulfillment of an MFA thesis in Digital and Interdisciplinary Art Practice (DIAP) at the City College of New York CUNY.

“To inhabit a subject, or have research embodied in yourself, is to be part of the particular constellation of forces in the area of your research. Research is thus written from within. You have various entry points into describing a particular reality. One’s practice is producing the information that you are writing on. Research is not prior to practice. You are living it, part of it; the subject is embodied in you. The body is very important in this, where you are, where you have chosen to position yourself.”

– Eyal Weizman. Taken from here.

The Glass House


Yesterday in New Canaan, CT. The thesis class made a field trip to the Glass House, a house-as-museum originally built by architect Phillip Johnson in 1949. The 49-acre plot was very misty and snowy.


Inside the Glass House, where Johnson would entertain his guests.


The thesis work has officially begun, and my committee members have all confirmed. I’m pretty excited about the people I got.
I’ve been thinking a lot about the Palimpsest, and how the idea of it relates so many of my interests together to express the same phenomenon. Location and experience all become psychologically or physically dissonant over the course of time, both in the natural sciences and in the most minute human interactions. I’m planning on working with these themes on a new project that utilizes the process of the Palimpsest, but in a more contemporary sense; also, with Google Maps, and basic wheat paste. It will be an interesting conjunction that toes the line of autobiography without overly specifying particular experiences.

I’ve also gotten a bit obsessed with Pinterest. I’ve been using it as a digital “mood board”, and actually it’s been quite helpful in literally seeing the visual connections of the things I’m interested in. http://www.pinterest.com/binarymelt

Some pictures from the Liminal States show at Projekt722 from January!

On Sunday I went to Projekt 722 to de-install my piece and parts of it were totally frozen!

On Sunday I went to Projekt 722 to de-install my piece and parts of it were totally frozen!

The end of 2013…

This has been a really productive year for me. My second to last semester of grad school is coming to a close, and it’s now sinking in how much time has passed.

The opening at LIMINAL STATES  was great!!! Part of my installation was outdoors and got promptly snowed on, and I love the overall affect. I wonder if I should start working more with naturally occurring elements like this. The show will be up until January 26th so check it out! Pictures forthcoming!

Liminal States »

LIMINAL STATES (a group show I’m in which begins on Saturday) got an Editor’s pick at Flavorpill!!

The past 2 months or so I’ve been slowly working on an installation in the stairwell of Shepard Hall at City College. I finally finished it on Sunday and it now consists of five levels (including the basement floor) of geometric red yarn stretched over the periphery of the stairwell. I hope no one tears it down. People seem to like it though, and I’ve even seen people taking pictures of it.

Some pictures from a few weeks ago. I was in a two-person show with artist Bill Berger curated by Conny Becker, both from Picture Berlin ‘13! Conny refurbished the apartment she’s subletting into an impromtu exhibition space and we all had brunch together. A short but sweet show!